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This Directory is designed to make it easy for users to identify and contact companies that supply equipment, products, supplies, and services for the global sewn products industry.

This Directory contains information supplied by its member companies and provides an up-to-date listing of suppliers to the industry.

SPESA member companies and their products and services are presented in two ways:

  1. An alphabetical company listing with detailed contact information and a brief description of each company and the products or services provided by each company.

  2. A searchable database of member companies that shows a range of products and services categories provided by each company.

The global sewn products industry is comprised of thousands of companies that produce products for the apparel, home textiles, transportation interiors, leather and footwear, technical textiles, and upholstered furniture sectors.

Whether you are surveying the sewn products industry or planning a modernization project or new facility, this directory will guide you quickly to the right company and the right individual to contact within the company for your specific requirements.

SPESA members offer machinery, equipment, parts, accessories, and services for virtually all of the global sewn products manufacturing functions.

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